The Organization is a private and not for profit, politically and religiously independent Organization.

Its purpose is to promote professional, cross-cultural and educational exchange for those working in the field of social services. The learning and sharing generated by the exchange provides opportunities for broadening professional as well as personal development and so contributes to peace and understanding.

The Organization works in collaboration with other entities sharing the same core values and respecting Human Rights, guaranteeing equal treatment to all as agreed upon in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

CIF Organizational Objectives

  • To maintain and facilitate relations, provide learning opportunities and the exchange of work and cultural experiences among its participants, members, host families and anyone else involved in the activities of the Organization and its National Branches.
  • To promote and support the organization of a two-yearly International Conference, establishment of new National Branches or, where this is not possible, a Contact Person.
  • To support the organization of International Professional Exchange Programs that combine practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the host country. To support recruitment and selection of new participants in CIF International Professional Exchange Programs and CIPUSA Programs, encourage their participation in the activities of the Organization

Organizational Breakdown


eneral Assembly
The General Assembly is the highest body of the organization and consists of all CIF members. To be a member of CIF one must be an alumnus of a CIF, CIP, or CIPUSA program or an ISP program. Members can also be individual professionals in social work, social welfare, human services, and closely related fields, who support the objectives of CIF


oard of Directors
The Board of Directors (BD) consists of the Presidents of the National CIF Branches and a representative from CIPUSA.
The Board of Directors decides upon ongoing policy and priorities, policy implementation and the allocation of financial resources under the broad policy and priority guidelines established by the Organization.


xecutive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) is elected by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the policy, programs, projects and general guidelines of the organization. The Committee executes decisions of the Board of Directors and takes care of the ongoing day-to-day business.
The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two Members at Large. The position of president, secretary and treasurer are fixed roles with their own related duties.

2023 - 2025 CIF Executive Committee Members

The election of Executive Committee members took place on 15.7.2023 during the CIF conference in Hannover. This EC will serve the organization until June 2025.
Members are:

Elisabeth Fischbacher Schrobiltgen (Switzerland)
Maria Christopoulou (Cyprus)
Vice President
Astrid Sehmer (Germany)
Demet Gulaldi (Turkey)
Silvia Nutter (Argentina)
Member at Large
Hanna Kirjavainen (Finland)
Member at Large